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Who we are.

So its about time that I breakdown and put together a blog post to introduce ourselves.

I think it all started way back in 2004 when I was well in to my wannabe race car driver/builder phase that, like a lot of people, was influenced by the first Fast and Furious movie. Fast forward a few years, the car was built and I had been piloting it around local tracks at lapping and autocross events. It was about as much fun as anyone should ever want to have in a Pontiac Firefly (a 3cyl Geo Metro/Suzuki Swift for my American based shoppers)... The difference being that mine was making about 115HP at the wheels (after a substantial amount of work).  

Around this time I met my now wife, who was about as interested in cars as I was and autocrossed her Acura Integra a couple of times, after we swapped in a B20B and a manual transmission. 

Fast forward to somewhere around 2015, I was now driving/racing a 1999 Mazda Miata and the Firefly was sitting in the garage, under a tarp doing nothing. No engine or anything inside, simply a rolling chassis with a roll cage because I thought I was going to start road racing it or perhaps make a run during Speedweek at the Bonneville salt flats. Neither of these things ever materialized.

That same year I found myself at the Canadian National Autocross Championships and boy did I get beat down. Not a hope in hell of recovering from a really bad first day of driving, I literally finished in the bottom 10 of around 80-90 other drivers. Not happy with that, I dedicated the rest of that season and looked at 2016 as my time to improve. 

Photo credit to Lyall C.

Anyone find it strange that I have not mentioned one single moment that includes Motorcycles...? Good, it means that you're paying attention, it was not until July of 2016 that I actually rode a motorcycle for the first time.

The next blog post will delve in to what happened after that, because our lives changed for ever.


  • Elliott David

    It says-can not ship to my address. I purchased a set of Super Tenere spokes about a year ago-why can’t I order again ?

  • Steve Shore

    Fat fingers on the iPhone.

    Last of my comment should read GPS on the windshield mounting bar

  • Steve Shore

    Bought the stabilizer brackets for my Super Tenere and installed today. Solid product and good tech support with a couple of questions I had.

    I’d recommend these for anyone running a GPS on the wi Daniels bar.

  • CJ

    Any updates on the two line front brake kit for the S10?

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