Sue's Bikes

Our Bikes are literally part of our family. Even if we didn't ride them off of the dealers lot with next to no mileage. In our short riding careers (with both became infected in 2016) we've been through a few of them too...

My wife really likes the upgrade she made from her 2009 BMW F650GS to the 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 GTPRO. It was able to tick all the boxes on her wish list when she started looking for a new bike. 

She's added some parts right out of the chute like:

  • Hepco & Becker upper and lower crash bars
  • H&B skid plate 
  • Barkbusters with Storm plastics
  • Rox Risers
  • Triumph Expedition hard side cases and mounts
  • Quad-lock phone mount
  • Mitas E-07 Front and the E-07 Plus in the rear

If riding trails is what she's looking for she reaches for her trusty 2005 Kawasaki Super Sherpa. This was her first motorcycle, a 250cc trail bike with the heart of a Lion and the demeanor of a Lamb. 

Upgrades, protection and mods include:

  • Barkbusters with Jet plastics
  • Zeta 25mm bar risers
  • ProTaper S-E Carmichael Bend
  • Moose Racing Expedition Rear Rack with an added hard case for snacks, sandwiches, spare goggles, gloves and bear spray
  • ProTaper Pillow Top Grips
  • Pirelli MT21 on the front and a Michelin AC10 on the rear 
  • Jetting was upgraded a little too with better tuning for a touch more power
  • A 47 tooth rear sprocket was added to get a little more out of the bottom end

When we're out riding on the touring bikes, gear is something else that we've been through a lot of as well. For the longest time we tried to be a little more budget conscious and that bit us in the end. We've since replaced or gear with the amazing offerings from Klim. We're not sure what took us so long to make the jump either.