2014+ Yamaha Super Tenere NAV Bar Stabilizers

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Are your 2014+ Yamaha Super Tenere's Windscreen and NAV Bar shuddering at top speed or on bumpy roads? I know mine were, that's why we make these NAV Bar Stabilizers!

Our Yamaha Super Tenere NAV Bar Stabilizers are designed to make your ride smoother and more enjoyable! Our stabilizers reduce windscreen vibrations, so you can see your phone and GPS clearly and easily. Enjoy the ride with a clearer view and less distraction!

The 2nd gen. Yamaha Super Tenere (XT1200Z) comes with an accessories bar near the bottom of its windscreen, bringing your satellite-nav and other items into your line of sight and reducing the need for peeking. It also offers the same look as rally bikes in competitions like the Baja 1000, Dakar Rally, or Africa Eco Race, who all come equipped with big navigation units. But the problem with mounting the NAV Bar in the same place as the windscreen is vibration at speed or on bumpy roads—which is where these stabilizers become essential. A must-have for anyone with a larger windscreen, they help keep everything in place and prevent your phone/GPS from bouncing around.

No drilling needed—these braces and hardware work with the factory "winglets" and stock '14+ Super Tenere windshield mounts. They come as raw aluminum, and you can even paint 'em or choose the Cerakote® option thanks to Blacklisted Coatings.

**Sorry: they don't play nice with aftermarket windscreen mounts like Madstad.**


In the packet:
2 LadlesportADV Laser-Cut and tumbled Stabilizers made from 5052 Aluminum and 4 Socket Head bolts (316 Stainless Steel), 4 Nylock Nuts and 8 SS Washers and 8 EPDM Rubber Washers — all for your Yamaha Super Tenere! Yahtzee!
Equipment needed for set up includes a 10mm wrench or nut driver and a 5mm Allen key. Our hardware packages are meticulously checked to ensure the perfect amount of pieces for your needs - no more, no less!
Installation and product disclaimer: Tighten by hand only (no power tools, mmk?) and the installer takes responsibility for any issues like cracked winglets or other damage. Blue thread locking compound is a customer provided optional extra.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great friendly service and product.

I ordered and received the brackets for my Super Tenere in less than two weeks, Canada to Australia. Brackets are very well made and line up perfectly.

Craig Wesson
Great customer service

Super great customer service. The product is very well made, comes with all you need to install the bars, and seems to work and stabilize the sat nav bar very well.
In my case i have the dashboard as well and i opted to drill out my dash mount screws, but there are other ways to do it im sure.

Jason Myers
Great service and purchase experience

Haven’t installed them yet, but I will soon and will hopefully update, but they look fantastic and strong, customer service, and buying experience was excellent and I even have a signed receipt. Wishing me a safe riding season. A great and well made product for the supinate. I look forward to installing it and giving it a try.

You need these

Even the highways here are pretty rough. These stabilizers really help out a lot. Mounting takes minutes. Should have came from the factory like this.

Larry Arcadi
Super Tenere Nav Bar & Windshield Stabilizers

Received My Stabilizers earlier Today & Immediately installed them on My 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere.

The parts & hardware were neatly & securely packaged upon opening the package as received.

The installation was very simple & the end result totally eliminated My Nav Bar & Windshield Flexibility & Movement, yet allowing the rubber grommets to work as designed.

This is an excellent product !!!