2010+ Super Tenere Deep Dish Fender Riser Kit

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The LadlesportADV Deep Dish fender riser kit for all years of the Yamaha Super Tenere and raises the factory front fender 50mm (about 2"). This kit is designed to help eliminate a locked front wheel due to mud build up between the tire and fender.

The Brackets are made from 3mm thick laser cut 304 stainless steel and this kit includes a new custom made DOT approved Stainless Steel Brake hose from HEL ® Performance Brakes in their carbon fiber look braided hose. Other colors are available by Custom Order and require about 10 days to be fulfilled.

Stainless Steel hardware, new Stainless Steel banjo bolts and new copper crush washers are provided, but 4 factory screws and 2 Fuji (Spring-Stop) Locknuts are reused. 

Nothing crazy needed tool wise, 4mm and 5mm Allen Keys and 10mm combination wrench to install the brackets and a 14mm socket for the new banjo bolts. Be sure to have some of your favorite brake fluid ready along with some basic brake hose changing and brake bleeding skills. A file or rasp will be needed to make a little room for the brackets on either leg of the fender. These details are in the instructions.

Check out the install video imbedded in the images or at this link

Its noted that this kit raises the fender by 50mm and may come in contact with any additional lighting mounted under the factory headlights. 

® a registered trademark of HEL® Performance and is used with permission.