LadlesportADV Chopsticks (Spare XT1200 Spokes)

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Broken Spokes on the trail or in the middle of an adventure are the worst.

For the Yamaha Super Ténéré , buying complete spoke sets to have a couple spares on hand is not always easy and its not very cost effective to replace one or two so we have purchased and repackaged Factory Yamaha spokes in to reasonably sized kits to store in your tool rolls or taped securely to the inside of your pannier lid. (Tape not included)

The Super Ténéré (XT1200Z) has 5 different spoke sizes between the front and rear wheels and their differences is only a couple millimeters. Each Kit contains 8 Yamaha factory spokes and their locations are laid out and labeled as follows, they include all new nipples: 

  • Front - Inboard YELLOW  x 2 (Short)
  • Front - Outboard BLACK x 2 (Long)
  • Rear - Inboard RED x 2 (Short)
  • Rear - Right Outboard GREEN  x 1 (Medium)
  • Rear - Left Outboard BLUE x 1 (Long)
  • Actual Chopsticks x 2
  • Legend


  • Locations noted above are based on you sitting on the bike
  • Inboard and Outboard are noted at the Hub
  • Front spokes are longer so its easy to tell the difference
  • Once opened package is not resealable on the trail
  • Follow the legend in the package you receive, small changes will occur without warning
  • Chopsticks are one time use and pretty much there as a joke...

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