LadlesportADV Chopsticks (Spare XT1200 Spokes)

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Broken spokes blow, right? Especially when you're far from home on the trail. You can purchase 2 complete sets of spokes to have a couple extra for those 'just-in-case' moments but that can be a costly venture. Don't want to buy the complete set? We've got you. Yamaha Factory spokes come neatly repackaged into pocket-size kits to store in your tool rolls or attach to the inside of your pannier lid. (Tape not included, sorry!)


The Super Ténéré (XT1200Z) has 5 different spoke sizes between the front and rear wheels and their differences is only a couple millimeters. Each Kit contains 8 Yamaha factory spokes and their locations are laid out and labeled as follows, they include all new nipples: 

  • Front - Inboard YELLOW  x 2 (Short)
  • Front - Outboard BLACK x 2 (Long)
  • Rear - Inboard RED x 2 (Short)
  • Rear - Right Outboard GREEN  x 1 (Medium)
  • Rear - Left Outboard BLUE x 1 (Long)
  • Actual Chopsticks x 2
  • Legend


  • Locations noted above are based on you sitting on the bike
  • Inboard and Outboard are noted at the Hub
  • Front spokes are longer so its easy to tell the difference
  • Once opened package is not resealable on the trail
  • Follow the legend in the package you receive, small changes will occur without warning
  • Chopsticks are one time use for that trail-side sushi and pretty much there as a joke...

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kendell Ashe
What a great kit.

No need to buy a whole package of each length when you only need one or two.

A must have!

Soon after I received the spokes, I had a breakage and then another... great timing to tune/fix spoked hub while swapping tires, so I'm ordering another set.