Low Carb Enduro Spaghetti (Light Duty Tow Straps)

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Our Low Carb Enduro Spaghetti Tow straps are on par with top quality towing products, we use the same materials and construction techniques. These are available in Black only at this time and the chosen color is a simple an accent to beef up the sewn joint. We use Cordura Nylon sleeve at the eyelet for protection against those grippy foot pegs too. At LadlesportADV, we are always looking to provide the best products for our customers.

Cut the weight with these Low Carb Enduro Spaghetti Tow straps! These "Flat Tow" style straps are made with specially selected components to ensure unparalleled durability for outdoor use, even in the face of intense UV rays. Plus, they are soft, super-flexible, and they're nearly Pocket Sized and only weigh 90g! (for the 15Ft strap) These are multi-purpose and can also be used as a clothesline or tarp support at the campsite. **They are not designed to be used as "kinetic" type recovery aids.**

Crafted by the quirky team at LadlesportADV, our machine-sewn Low Carb Enduro Spaghetti tow straps are stitched with sturdy bonded thread and feature one sewn loop for the tow bike and so the bike being towed still has control, simply wrap the open end around the foot peg and the rider stands on it (this is on the left hand side of the bike typically. The indicated lengths are the total length of the strap. If they get dirty, just wash them with mild hand soap and water, then let them dry in the shade, away from any heat source.

Protect webbing from sharp corners, protrusions, or abrasive surfaces when using. Avoid wet or water logged conditions to maintain capacity. Nylon resists damage from contact with hydrocarbons, oils, even alkalis. It is not suitable for things like battery acid though. If this is a concern, checkout our Adventure Spaghetti Tow Straps by clicking here.

Always inspect your Low Carb Enduro Spaghetti prior to use for optimal performance. They should be replaced if any of the following conditions are found.
  • Increased stiffness of sling material.
  • Alkali burns
  • Melted or burned 
  • Holes, tears, cuts, snags
  • Broken or worn stitching
  • Excessive abrasive wear
  • Knots in any part of the sling
  • Crushed webbing or embedded particles
  • Bleached sling color
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures (lower than -40°C or higher than 90°C.)
  • Pressure washed
  • Exceed 500 Lbs. of force
  • Used with excessive amounts of tomato sauce, butter or grated Parmesan cheese 

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