Rescue Noodles (3k Lb. Recovery Loops)

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Our Rescue Noodles are on par with top quality lifting products, we use the same materials and construction techniques. What sets us apart? Our attention to detail and 5 available color options! At LadlesportADV, we are always looking to provide the best products for our customers.

Discover unprecedented power with our Rescue Noodles, proven to withstand 7000 Lbs. of force in destructive testing! Our carefully curated materials guarantee unmatched resilience for outdoor conditions, even under harsh UV rays. They are buttery smooth (when clean), pliable, and easily storable. They are not designed to be used as "kinetic" type recovery aids.

Handmade by LadlesportADV, our machine-sewn Rescue Noodles are stitched with durable bonded thread and can be used in a variety of configurations: vertical, basket, or choker. The lengths indicated are the actual length of the loop. If they get dirty they can be washed with mild hand soap and water and air dried out of direct sun light and away from heat.

Protect webbing from sharp corners, protrusions, or abrasive surfaces when using. Avoid wet or water logged conditions to maintain capacity. Polyester resists damage from contact with hydrocarbons, oils, even battery acid but is not suitable for alkalis. 

Always inspect your noodles prior to use for optimal performance. They should be replaced if any of the following conditions are found.
  • Increased stiffness of sling material.
  • Alkali burns
  • Melted or burned 
  • Holes, tears, cuts, snags
  • Broken or worn stitching
  • Excessive abrasive wear
  • Knots in any part of the sling
  • Crushed webbing or embedded particles
  • Bleached sling color
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures (lower than -40°C or higher than 90°C.)
  • Pressure washed
  • Exceed 3000 Lbs. of force.

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