Yamaha T700 and T1200 Foot Peg Inserts

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Remove those silly rubber inserts from your Yamaha Super Tenere and Yamaha Tenere 700 and get some real underfoot grip without breaking the bank. A perfect fit for all years.

There are two different versions available:

The Cheese Grater - Available for Preorder only

These inserts gain added traction from height adjustable screws just like some of the others on the market. Great for on and off-road riding in any conditions. 2 sets of screws are included and replacements are available.

  • T700 Inserts have 3 rows of adjustable screws
  • T1200 Inserts have 2 rows of adjustable screws

The Waffle Maker - Available for Preorder only

These have similar pyramids but without the screws. Perfect for touring and gravel roads. These grip really well in the wet. These have been tested in all conditions from the southern tip of Baja to northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. With close to 100K Kms of testing completed we know they work.

  • T700 has 3 rows of raised traction points
  • T1200 has 2 rows of raised traction points

Both versions are sold in pairs and machined from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum, hard anodized and are made right here in Alberta. All stainless steel hardware is provided.

Easy to install with basic hand tools and some medium strength thread locking compound.